Author: billwilliam

Image Source: GTV

During the Lunar New Year celebration on January 31, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo revealed the encouraging news that a scientist in Europe is developing an artemisinin cocktail to detoxify adverse effects from Covid vaccines.

Once involved in the Chinese Communist Party’s toxic vaccine development, the scientist has defected to Europe. He is now doing research work in a European military medical lab in the quest for a cure to poisoning by Covid vaccines. So far, he has developed an artemisinin cocktail that not only efficiently detoxifies vaccine side effects but also cures Covid infections. The cocktail is reportedly even more effective and does deeper cleansing than artemisinin or ivermectin. Except artemisinin as the main component, other ingredients of the cocktail are unknown.    

Patients who took the cocktail excreted sticky, stink, and dark purple feces and even fell into a bit of coma, although severe adverse effects from the cocktail have not been observed. After taking the cocktail, their body systems are cleansed as shown in blood and cell tests, becoming almost as vigorous as children’s bodies. While the human immune system is gradually declining during the process of aging, this cocktail cleanses the body and improves breathing. The cocktail is allegedly very cheap, costing 1 USD per dose. Seeing great potential in this cocktail, Mr. Guo pledged to spend 100 million USD to purchase 100 million doses for fellows of the New Federal State of China if the cocktail is medically approved. The recipe may bring deeper changes to the world.

Many of our fellows have unfortunately contracted Covid in the past two years. The scientist is very optimistic the cocktail will eliminate sequela from Covid infections and extend the lives of people who have recovered from the virus. Joining the Whistleblower Movement offers the scientist an opportunity to repent.   


Proofread: Bill Wu