Translated by: Ermat

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The 2022 China Central Television Spring Festival Gala ended. Countless stars gathered on stage and sold out to tout this so-called extravaganza. The stars are glowing on the stage. But an invisible black hand is behind the scenes, invisibly controlling the stars.

At the end of 2021, Wang Lihong was exposed for what he really is by a thousand-word tearful letter from his wife Li Lianlei, claiming that Wang Lihong has a different girlfriend in every city. For a while, Chinese communist public opinion went crazy to attack him. Wang Li became an uncompromisingly bad man in the eyes of the public. This time, the CCP again successfully used the power of the media to completely discredit Wang Lihong and put him to death from the psychology of his fans. Several of Wang Lihong’s endorsement partnerships were also canceled.

It is said that Wang Lihong was offended by Peng Liyuan and Song Zuoying and was punished. At the end of 2021, Wang Lihong surpassed Li Yundi and Wu Yifan to top the celebrity popularity list. Wang Lihong was overturned by public opinion because of his personal private virtue. , which made the whole entertainment industry windy and trembling.

The star who topped the Hot 100 list almost simultaneously at the end of 2021 was He Yunshi. On December 29, 2021, seven people, including the former director and editor-in-chief of “The Stand”, were arrested by the National Security Branch of the Hong Kong Police on suspicion of “conspiracy to publish seditious publications”, including Hong Kong singer He Yunshi. This incident instantly triggered a public outcry. On the one hand, public opinion expressed strong anger and indignation at the Chinese Communist Party’s unbridled terror in Hong Kong, its suppression of Hong Kong’s freedom, and the rapid blackening of the Hong Kong police. On the other hand, He Yunshi once again came into the limelight and became the focus of public opinion. People were flooded with all kinds of praises for Ho He Yunshi. Countless people have even expressed their support and admiration for He Yunshi with their actions.