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Editor: yuddy

Mr. Miles Guo, the founder of the WhistleBlower Movement, has underlined the usefulness of HPay for Himalaya Exchange at various times in his broadcasts. Perhaps we could compile a list of these.
Mr. Guo outlines HPay’s three phases of development.

1)         The first is the debut of HPay on February 1st, 2022, which is a point-to-point payment that is not commercial in nature; nevertheless, commercial payments are confined to GFashion and GCLUBS.

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2)         2 or 3 months after the launch of HPay in April or May of 2022, the second phase is commercial payment under government licensing and regulation. You will notice that any store will accept payment in the form of GFASHION consumption. In these countries and areas where Himalaya Exchange has accepted a financial license, we will implement functions such as scanning the code, registering, paying the tax, and settling the bill.

3)         The third phase is similar to webchat payment, with loaning and borrowing. Discounts, prepayments, deposits, and increased consumption are all on the rise around the world. The third phase is scheduled to begin in June or July of 2022. After all, HPay would have seven phases.

When governments understand Himalaya Exchange’s KYC procedure and the structure of HDollar and HCoin, as well as the fact that Himalaya Exchange is a centralized administration with decentralized technology, they will fully recognize Himalaya Exchange.

HDollar and HCoin, with HCoin becoming more valuable and its price rising.

Then, so instead of fiat money, HCoin would become the world’s approved modern digital currency. The two most significant elements for Himalya Exchange in this process would be HPay and not only one sovereign country recognizing HCoin and HDollar.

The introduction of HPay will almost certainly increase the circulation of HCoin and HDollar. Of course, if the government had approved to the circulation, everyone would use HPay.

And, as a result of the circulation, the Himalaya Exchange’s capital pool would expand significantly and become more active. In his broadcast, Miles Guo stated: “You must be prepared for HPay, comrades. That is the printing factory for everyone’s money, ah, the sky money.”

When the HPay system goes live the next time, the value of HDollar and HCoin provided by significant investment institutions will rise, and more money will be invested in Himalaya Exchange as a result of the promotion and widespread popularization of the HPay system.

The implementation of the HPay payment system marks the start of HCoin’s true rise in value.

Himalaya Exchange, HDollar, and HCoin are the ideal blend of fiat money and digital currency, and the Hpay payment system and future loan are essential components of the Himalaya finance system.

Holding HCoin is a method of accumulating funds in order to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party. Furthermore, being able to hold this money is a test of faith as well as the most essential psychological and wisdom test. So, this is only the beginning.