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1. China’s central bank: real estate loan growth slowed to 7.9% at the end of 2021, an annual increase of 3.81 trillion yuan

The People’s Bank of China released a statistical report on loan investment, showing that the growth rate of real estate loans slowed down at the end of 2021, and the balance of real estate loans in RMB was 52.17 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.9%, 3.7 percentage points lower than the growth rate at the end of the previous year; An increase of 3.81 trillion yuan, accounting for 19.1% of the increase in various loans in the same period, 7.2 percentage points lower than the level of the previous year. The 2021 Statistical Report on Financial Institutions’ Loan Investment in 2021 published on the central bank’s website on Sunday also showed that at the end of 2021, the balance of real estate development loans was 12.01 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 0.9%, and the growth rate was 5.2 percentage points lower than that at the end of the previous year; the balance of personal housing loans was 38.32 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.3% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 3.3 percentage points lower than that at the end of the previous year.

2. The SPAC initiated by Li Ning applied to the Hong Kong stock exchange for listing

The HKEx document disclosed on January 31 that Trinity acquisition Holdings Ltd., a special purpose acquisition company, submitted a listing application to the main board of the HKEx. The sponsors were Li Ning and two private equity companies, Lionrock and astrapto, and the joint sponsors, joint global coordinators and joint bookrunners were JPMorgan Chase and Credit Suisse. Li Ning, Lionrock and astrapto own 33%, 42% and 25% of all class B shares issued respectively.

3. CBIRC tip: no P2P online loan institution collection channel has been established or authorized

According to the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the special rectification Office of online lending risk issued risk tips: recent monitoring found that some websites, wechat groups, QQ groups and social media accounts pretended to be the name of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, known as the official payment collection channel, lured the lenders of P2P online lending institutions to pay the deposit and attempted to defraud the borrowers of P2P online lending, which has major potential risks. The CBRC has not established or authorized the establishment of P2P online loan institutions to collect funds. Please be vigilant and enhance the risk prevention awareness and identification ability of P2P lending borrowers. Please confirm the relevant payment collection channels with P2P lending institutions or local rectification office in time. If you find clues of suspected violations of law and crime, please actively report to the public security and other relevant departments.

4. In view of the malicious price rise of non disciplinary off campus training, the three departments deployed special rectification

The Ministry of education, the national development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of Market Supervision recently jointly issued a notice to carry out the special rectification of fees for non disciplinary after-school training, requiring all localities to take immediate action, leave no dead corners, strictly investigate and deal with serious problems, and resolutely rectify all kinds of tricks Various forms of training charges that infringe on the interests of the people.

The notice stressed that we must adhere to rectification while touching and arranging, clarify the specific matters and schedule of rectification for various problems found in the investigation, and reconcile and cancel numbers one by one. Training institutions without corresponding qualifications shall be resolutely shut down; For those who fail to implement the regulatory requirements for training pre charging, the flow of funds shall be strictly controlled to prevent problems such as “rolling money and running away”; We should resolutely investigate and deal with problems such as failure to clearly mark prices according to regulations, price fraud, false publicity, inducing consumption and so on. The relevant responsible persons should be held seriously accountable, the rectification situation should be informed to the society in time, so as to form a deterrent and enhance the people’s confidence and sense of gain in the “double reduction” work.

5. China to Strengthen Anti-Monopoly Efforts in Pharma Industry

China will toughen law enforcement to curb monopoly practices and unfair competition in the pharmaceutical industry as the government seeks to foster a good business environment, the industry ministry said on Sunday. The action follows November’s regulatory guidelines to stamp out monopolies in active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). China leads the world in making and exporting these products. In a statement, the ministry of industry and information technology said it would “strengthen law enforcement against unfair competition, and resolutely investigate unfair competitive acts, such as commercial bribery”. It will also stiffen enforcement of anti-monopoly laws in the areas of drug shortages and APIs, prepare and adopt antitrust guidelines in the API market and investigate monopolistic pacts, it added.

6. China Coal Association: maintain the normal production and supply of coal and maintain the stable operation of the coal market

China Coal Industry Association issued a notice on further improving the stable supply of coal in the first quarter. The notice mentioned to maintain the normal production and supply of coal. All enterprises should firmly establish the idea of national chess, scientifically organize production on the premise of ensuring safety, reasonably arrange production and daily maintenance during the Spring Festival holiday, maintain normal production, sales and shipment of coal, and ensure coal supply in key areas. We will comprehensively promote normal coal production and normalized epidemic prevention and control to ensure that coal production and supply will not be affected by the epidemic. To strengthen the monitoring of the operation of the coal market, all enterprises should strengthen the monitoring and analysis of the operation of the coal market, pay close attention to the coal production, transportation and consumption of downstream users, adhere to the daily report system of coal production scheduling and monitoring, unblock the channels of information communication, resolutely put an end to illegal acts such as hyping coal prices and coaxing higher prices, and maintain the smooth operation of the coal market.

7. 91 IPO companies have been pressed the “pause button” one after another

The list of companies to be listed that has been pressed the “pause button” because the intermediary agency was put on file by the China Securities Regulatory Commission continues to grow. According to the latest news from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, as of now, there have been 91 companies to be listed, involving 12 IPO companies on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, 49 IPO companies on the Growth Enterprise Market, 12 IPO companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and 18 IPO companies on the Shenzhen Main Board.

8. There are new regulations for the deposit and withdrawal of lucky money and big red envelopes!

Recently, the People’s Bank of China, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and China Securities Regulatory Commission jointly issued the “Administrative Measures for Financial Institutions’ Customer Due Diligence and the Preservation of Customer Identity Information and Transaction Records” (People’s Bank of China, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission) Management Committee Order [2022] No. 1, hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”), which will come into force on March 1, 2022. Among them, Article 10 of the “Measures” mentions that commercial banks, rural cooperative banks, rural credit cooperatives, village banks and other financial institutions handle cash deposits and withdrawals of RMB 50,000 or more or foreign currency equivalent to more than 10,000 US dollars for natural person customers. If you are not, you should identify and verify the identity of the client, understand and register the source or purpose of the funds, and follow the relevant regulations on the management of large amounts of cash. In addition, in these cases, the Measures require financial institutions to conduct customer due diligence or identify and verify customer identities, register basic customer identity information, and keep copies or photocopies of customers’ valid identity documents or other identity certification documents.

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