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Miles Guo had warned the world several times back in 2019 that the CCP regime has been developing quasi-chemical weapons for pacification in recent years They will deploy a certain biochemical weapon against the people of Hong Kong. Until early January 2020, there were several unknown cases of pneumonia in the city of Wuhan. After Miles’ repeatedly exposing, the CCP regime was forced to admit that there was human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus pneumonia outbreak. Wuhan was then put under lockdown. While the country’s doors were closed, the CCP spread the pneumonia virus, known as the CCP virus, around the world on international flights.

On the other hand, the Chinese Communist Party, through its collusion with the WHO and NIH, has obstructed the global efforts to trace the origin of the CCP virus and continues to spread the virus to the world. Currently, the CCP virus has infected more than 300 million people and killed millions worldwide.

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