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The mRNA coding for Spike protein is one of the main components in the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine. Graphene oxide, an inorganic potential harmful substance, was added to the vaccine to facilitate intracellular mRNA delivery. What is graphene oxide, and what is its function in mRNA vaccine? Does it harmful to the human body? Get the brief answers in the following : 

Photos view the electron microscope: graphene oxide appeared with the serrated nano-scale edges, which are sharp and strong, like a sturdy and sharp razor blade.

What is graphene oxide?

On December 01, 2017, People’s Daily Online of China published an article titled “Graphene is the world’s thinnest and sharpest nanomaterial (by Yu Jianbin).” The excerpts are as follows:

Like a diamond, graphite is a form of carbon. It’s interesting, due to the different atomic structures, diamond is the hardest thing in nature, and graphite is one of the softest minerals, often made into graphite rods and pencil leads.

Scientists said that graphene is exfoliated from graphite materials, consists of only one layer of carbon atoms, and is a planar crystal arranged in a honeycomb hexagon. Shortly, graphene is a single layer of graphite. A graphite 1 mm thick piece contains about 3 million layers of graphene. And after a pencil is scratched lightly on the paper, many graphene layers stay on it.

Graphene is the world’s thinnest and sharpest nanomaterial at present which is only one atom thick, about 0.3 nanometers. It is 1/100,000th the thickness of a sheet of A4 paper and 1/50,0000th the thickness of a human hair. And graphene is the thinnest nanomaterial in the world.

What role does graphene oxide play in the vaccine?

Graphene oxide functions as the mRNA molecule carrier in the vaccine; it randomly cuts the cell wall and carries the mRNA molecules into the cell.

What kind of damage will graphene oxide cause to the human body?

Graphene oxide forcibly “inserts” 40 trillion mRNA carrying spike proteins into a human body in a destructive way. Graphene oxide cuts cause chronic damage and infection to organs and vascular epithelial cells. Notably, these razor-sharp blades (graphene oxide) are challenging to excrete or metabolize, and once they randomly enter the cells, they will stay endlessly. So, what will happen to the body one year later after being vaccinated? And five years, ten years later? It would probably cause various blood clots and cancer. People with underlying diseases such as high blood pressure and high blood lipids are at greater risk. No one will be responsible for graphene oxide once it falls into people’s bodies.

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