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Miles Guo talked about the 7 characteristics of the CCP as a cult in the Grand Live  Broadcast.

First, the cult of the Patriarch. The CCP is good at creating gods. It tends to make the dictatorial ruler the spiritual leader of the people.

Second, mind control. The CCP brainwashes the people in Communist China through strict control of propaganda and publishing, culture and education, art and sports.

Third, fabrication of evil doctrines. The Communist Party has packaged various sophisticated ideas into the Chinese people as democratic and righteous ideas, creating a large number of fools who do not know good from evil and do not know black from white.

Fourth, distorting history. The CCP falsifies history to sing its own praises and deceive the people who do not understand.

Fifth, collecting money and wealth. The CCP deprives private property and exploits the people by any means possible and collects a large amount of wealth in the hands of a few families of kleptocrats.

Sixth, secret societies. Since its establishment, the CCP has not been open and transparent in all its activities. In addition, joining it requires strict censorship and oaths, which all reveal its cult-like atmosphere.

Seventh, confrontation with society. The CCP has made democratic society its enemy and has monitored and suppressed the people through various political campaigns and coercive means to create genocide.

Miles points out that the CCP is the largest cult of mankind! If the CCP is not destroyed, the disaster will not end!

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