Video from The Testimonies Project ( Voiceover added by Himalaya Australia

Author: 搬山
Video: 喜国公民
Editor & Publisher: XO酱

Alex from Israel was forced to take the COVID vaccine without fully understanding the potential health risks of the vaccination. Blood clot formed in his left leg with observed red swollen two months after vaccination resulting him unable to move his legs and toes. He was diagnosed with thrombus which was about 1.2-meter-long shown by the ultrasound imaging. His conditions worsened as blood clots appeared in his right leg. Alex is uncertain about what the future holds and start to realise that this adverse effect could end his life in any time should the thrombus further.

This consequential effect is life changing and the process may be irreversible. Alex is only one of the million vaccine victims. So please help this go viral so we can end this global crisis.