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1.  Mr.Miles Guo took out a small red sticky note. When he open it next time, it will be the time when Himalaya coins price reach $1,000.

2. Mr.Guo sang three songs: Tian Mimi (Sweet As Honey), Dreaming In A Romantic Night, North Country Spring

3. The site of CCP’s Spring Festival Gala was filled with state security personnel, and cell phones were not allowed to be brought.

4. CCP Enhanced the censorship system of the Spring Festival Gala, fearing that the Spring Festival Gala will suddenly insert “Tian Mi Mi (sweet as honey)Movement program from our New Federal States of China.

5. Several Westerners watched the live broadcast of our Spring Festival by New Federal States of China and decided not to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

6. The launch of Hpay is tantamount to opening the two major circulation veins of Himalaya Exchange for Himalaya coins.

7. The Russian state will launch the RMB circulation.

8. The largest circulation of Himalaya coins is Russia and Ukraine.

9. Japan is the second largest market for Himalaya coins in circulation.

10. China’s 45-60 years old is the highest incidence of cancer, and in 2021, China will have 15-18 times more cancer than in the past.

11. Vaccine disaster: More than 100 people collapse during CCP’s Spring Festival Gala rehearsal.

12. Scientists are working in European military labs on artemisinin cocktail therapy that could help detoxify CCP virus vaccinations.

13. Participating countries in the Winter Olympic Games, each country took CCP’s business deal or cash valued 50-100 billion US dollars, a Winter Olympic Games cost Chinese people  1 trillion dollars .

14. Seven rules of Miles Guo of 2022:

  1). focus on taking down CCP.

  2). Expanding the recognition of New Federal States of China.

  3). Establishing more New Federal States of China farms across the world.

 4). Let more of our fellow fighters be rescued from Communist China and at the same time let more people inside China know about our New Federal States of China.

 5). let all the NFSC fellow fighters make fortunes through G-series business.

 6). Let more people know the truth about the virus, find the truth about the virus, and find the solution to the toxic vaccine.

 7). In 2022 we must unify our goals even more, take action.

15.  Singer Song Zuying has 3 children with 3 different dads.

16. Our fellow fighter whose pharmacy company shares is held by Guo Guangchang said, his greatest good thing in life was to sell 200 million shots of fake vaccines, and all used. Mr. Miles Guo said, as long as there is evidence of a needle of fake vaccine, get one Himalaya coin each.

17. Song Zuying’s personal wealth is more than a few billion dollars.

18.  Follow New Federal States of China, you will only get, believe it or not, watch

Chinese Version: Wenjun

Translator: Curiosity

Proofreading: Tracy

Posted by: Maarago