1.  Everyone know Putin wanted to invade Ukraine. Putin wants to bargain with USA, with CCP, with Ukraine by war threatening.

2. Putin is negotiating with American about natural gas pipeline accessing Europe, asking the EU to give up NATO expansion formally in writing.

3. Putin is negotiating with Xi Jinping that each takes what they want, CCP invading Taiwan, Russia invading Ukraine.

4. If CCP invades Taiwan and is internationally sanctioned $15 trillion GDP will drop to $5 trillion and never recover.

5. Russia’s $1 trillion GDP will drop to $600 billion, lost land is taken back, and in a few years Russia’s GDP will double.

6. Earth does not need war and plunder anymore, all wars are only beneficial to a few powerful families

7. Vaccine Disaster Will Completely Expose Vaccine Mandate Politicians, The 600-700 million people who will die, Western people’s bravery will explode. Under Vaccine politics, Vaccine military, Vaccine economy, the vaccine disaster is coming. It’s not just Putin messing with Ukraine anymore, these politicians are about to start a war themselves.

8. People who took 2 shots of vaccine with no antidote have 50% chance of cancer and sudden death.

9. In 2022, the situation is worse than imagined, especially in China, rural and second-tier cities are safer.

10. The most important thing for overseas fellow fighters is to be alert to the Chinese exclusion.

11. Canada’s Trucker protest movement will turn into violence eventually. Our fellow fighters don’t join it. Anyone using symbols of New Federal State of China there without authorization from Himalaya Alliance Committee will be expelled from the whistleblower movement. CCP will manipulate this event, try to paint whistleblower movement as a cult.

12. Half of houses inside China will be unoccupied, and the vaccine disaster could kill 200 million people.

13. The United States sent several military medical aircrafts to pull the Americans away, not a word from the State department, actions only. CCP begged American not to go, play hooligans without achievement, do not give American release.

14. A European country wants to pick up half of its embassy staff, and CCP won’t allow charter flights to enter, nor will diplomatic planes.

15.  Some countries want to pick up the families of embassy personnel first, and CCP won’t allow it on the grounds of the Winter Olympics.

16. The most important missions of us are preventing Chinese exclusion outside of China and vaccine disasters in China.

Chinese Version: Wenjun

Translator: Curiosity

Proofreading: Tracy

Posted by : Maarago