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According to report from Taiwanese media on January 29th, as the CCP continues to suppress Hong Kong’s democracy and freedom, the city’s communist government instructed the University of Hong Kong (HKU) to cover up a giant placard commemorating the Tiananmen Square Incident (June 4th Incident).

“Pillar of Shame” in HKU

The reports said that on that day, construction workers were using metal hoarding to seal the entire walkway on HKU’s Taikoo Bridge where the giant June 4th placard stands, which says “The martyr’s spirits of the cold-blooded massacre will live forever. We swear to annihilate the barbarous wolf (the CCP) and the spark of democracy will never be extinguished”. This line of slogan was written by HKU students on a black cloth using white paint shortly after the CCP suppressed the June 4th democratic movement. For more than 30 years, it has been standing on the campus, reminding people not to forget the incident.

It is reported that last month, the HKU had removed the famous “Pillar of Shame” sculpture on campus. Previously, Hong Kong remained the only place under the CCP’s rule that allowed commemoration of the June 4th Incident on a large scale. However, since the CCP authorities forcibly implemented the National Security Law in Hong Kong, such activities have been forced underground. This port of freedom, which was once calm and peaceful, has now become a tragic world filled with harshness.


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