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On January 31, the Organizing Committee of the CCP Winter Olympic Committee (WOC) informed that the previous day, 23 inbound personnel of the Winter Olympic Committee (WOC) had tested positive for the CCP virus, including Emma Terho, the chairman of the IOC Athletes’ Commission. She said on social media that she was under quarantine in Beijing.

According to 30th reports, the 23 Winter Olympics infected people notified by the CCP’s WOC that 13 people were athletes or members of delegations. In addition, 11 Winter Olympics-related personnel who had already entered the Comminst China a few days ago were tested positive for the virus.

According to the report,  the Winter Olympics has closed-loop management for all incoming foreign athletes that is no physical contact with athletes locally in Beijing. This closed-loop management requires daily nucleic acid testing, and if a positive test is found, they will be sent to a quarantine hotel. At present-day,36 positive cases have been detected within this closed loop.

The Beijing government has placed nearly 60,000 residents under quarantine control, but the number of confirmed positive cases of the CCP virus continues to rise each day, setting new records. The fact that Terho has been infected and quarantined in Beijing has also sparked widespread international concern.

Reference: 奥运会运动委员会主席确诊 已在北京隔离

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