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On January 31, 2022, on Fox News, a segment aired concerning doctors and scientists who refuse to be silenced on the origins of the coronavirus and the Wuhan lab leak theory.  A State Department correspondent said, “It was all about politics and never about science.”

Scientists around the world are coming together to be heard, saying that they are being ignored and even silenced for discussing a lab leak concerning Covid-19.  Senior scientists are saying that the lab leak theory needs to be taken seriously and voiced, but that funding agencies might give them a hard time. The lab leak theory had been rejected for some time but is now slowly becoming mainstream media.

German physics professor RomanWeisendanger stated that if top scientists are not sticking to the truth anymore, then you have no basis to move forward.  Despite finding evidence of a lab leak, established medical journalists and other media refused to publish the information.  Blanket rejections have been given, saying that the accusations are too hot to handle and would harm relations with Communist China, which has a large influence over the medical community in general.  As no one wants to upset China, the mainstream media rejected their views.

Facebook, Wikipedia, the New York Times, and other media outlets have basically censored the stories and labeled them as debunked conspiracy theories.

Fear is also present concerning whether the origin of the virus was the result of ‘gain of function’ research.  This would be a stain on the value of science itself if it was proven that something so malicious was created deliberately.  Many scientists who debunked the theory knew all along that it was a real possibility.

Although many are saying that this coverup was to help in political causes, investigations are underway to find out exactly what happened.  The truth will prevail. 

Sources: Scientists Pressured Into Silence on Covid Lab Leak

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