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What the CCP did to Pangu’s staft they can repeat it on anyone. Nobody is safe in this mafia state. If people were to keep silence and take CCP’s bullying tactics lying down, then CCP will sense weakness and will intensify the bullying. The best way to deal with a bully is to punch him in the face, so Miles had decided to go on the offense and listed the following 5 points for action:

1. Members of NFSC are to find out information on CCP officials7 children (both legitimate and illegitimate), lovers and immediate family members. The information can in the form of home address, bank account number; asset info, overseas diplomatic marriage and scandals.

2. In various countries, organise groups to protest at China embassy, foreign agencies related to CCP and outside the homes of CCP officials7 family members.

3. Members of NFSC should standardise protest materials such as photos, logos, broadcast videos, statues, and scandal news.

4. These protests should be made known on TV, social media, internet, and any other form of mass media.

5. All contributors will be rewarded monetarily. 1 billion dollars and 100m HCN will be spent on this war with CCP.