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Local time Jan 28th, the producer released the trailer for the documentary: “Adverse Effects of Vaccines” . It’ll be released by the end of January, by the time the Japanese government starts to vaccinate children between the ages of 5 and 11.

This documentary was filmed on December 25th of 2021. It recorded the Covid-19 (CCP virus) vaccine adverse effects seminar held in Osaka attended by various doctors , journalists and government officials. The discussion touched upon where side effects actually occur, doctors’ views on the side effects of vaccines, and the voices of politicians who are willing to speak out for it.

In the trailer, Professor Takayuki Kawashima of the Institute of Virology, Kyoto University said the CCP virus can not be removed from human body completely with the vaccine; on the contrary , the cells affected by virus are treated as viruses by the immune system and will be attacked. In layman’s terms, the human body is undergoing a process of implosion after being vaccinated.

And Journalist Toru Torishu said that the so-called “getting vaccinated to protect people around you from infection” is tantamount to putting children in the battlefield “for the glory of Imperial Japan and the Emperor!” in World War II . He even put words such as “Die for your Country!” in red color on his slide show.

In the end of the documentary, the producer even displayed a slogan : “make sure to watch this before getting your 3rd shot”, calling on people to listen to these real voices before blindly following government’s policies to get the booster shot.





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