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On the live broadcast on January 30th, Miles Guo continuously broke the news in his Gettr video about the CCP’s reaction after the withdrawal of the United States embassy in Beijing

According to information disclosed by our internal brothers-in-arms, despite the CCP begging the U.S. not to withdraw all the personnel stationed in Beijing at once, the U.S. still dispatched multiple military medical aircraft which had already arrived in the Beijing Capital Airport.

Picture Source: GTV

Miles Guo exposes, the CCP has been harassing the U.S. since yesterday for countless times and offered the U.S. various generous conditions to try to persuade it to stay. For instance, resuming the most important personal relationship between the leaders of the two countries, scheduling a video conference call between President Biden and Xi Jinping, as well as promising to work with the U.S. and face various problems of the world together and taking responsibilities.

Miles Guo comments, inside Communist China, the CCP is a wolf in sheep’s clothing in front of the Chinese people; in front of the Western world, it is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. The insiders of the U.S. have strongly despised such a “hooligan” and shameless practice of the CCP. Furthermore, such hooliganistic diplomatic practice by the CCP has caused an extremely negative perception to China and the Chinese people in the international community. It is also an utter humiliation to all the Chinese people around the globe.


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