By: MOS Fitness Team – Ashley

During the live broadcast of 2022 MOS Farm New Year’s Gala Show on January 29th, 2022, Miles Guo was invited by the MOS Farm to join as a major guest. After greetings with the hosts, audiences and all the fellow fighters from the MOS team of the Whistleblower Moment, he revealed some shocking information, he says:

“Let me tell you guys with some BIG news, recently I was told by a fellow fighter in mainland China who gotten the info from the close circle of people surrounding Xi Jinping on the daily basis. The fellow fighter said Xi went to meet with some military leaders and expressed his own disappointment that he’s very surprised on what he has heard from people. Xi said very few of them actually believe the CCP are really going to attack Taiwan and don’t even mention about winning if there is a war. Nobody actually believed they could win the war with Taiwan at all.”

“But I believe Xi will still order the war on Taiwan which he has made the decision himself a long time ago.”

That was just one of the secret news he revealed. Please follow Miles Guo’s Livestream and Gettr to get more information….

References: info at 50:24

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