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On Tuesday (the 25th), at the Rispol International Airport in Ukraine, the country’s working personnel unloaded about 300 javelin missiles, shoulder-mounted multi-purpose assault weapons and bunker busters sent from the United States. Other NATO member states have also provide various military equipment to help defend Ukraine.

On the same day, senior U.S. government officials warned that if Russia invades Ukraine and cuts off natural gas fuel supplies to Europe, the Biden administration is ready to impose sanctions as a response, which will bring serious consequences.

President Biden also warned of personal sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin.. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday (25th) that Britain and the U.S. have discussed about preventing Russia from entering the SWIFT international payment system, which enables money transfers between banks around the world. He also said, this action will be “a powerful weapon” to deter Russia, and indicated cooperation with the U.S. is necessary to implement such an action.

The Washington Post

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