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On Jan. 23rd, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee said at an online media briefing that 72 positive cases were confirmed among the 2,586 Olympic Games-related personnel who entered Communist China from Jan. 4th to Jan. 22nd. Thirty-nine cases were detected during testing at the airport, and 33 cases were detected inside the closed-loop. There were no cases among the 171 athletes and team officials who arrived during this period.

It was reported that all participants, within 96 hours of departure for Communist China, were asked to obtain two negative PCR test results and most arrived on specially arranged charter flights. All individuals who entered the closed-loop were tested twice daily for nucleic acid, and 336,000 PCR tests were performed from Jan. 4th to 22nd.

Miles Guo broke the news in his recent live broadcast that there will definitely emerge cases of viral infections occurring among the Beijing Olympics, even mass infections. In this matter, Xi Jinping’s regime will adopt a quick response, rapid examination, effective treatment, comprehensive care, strict governance, and control to show the high governance ability of the Chinese Communist Party and its cordial and friendly approach to the participants from different countries.

It seems that all these manifestations are already under way.

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