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  1. According to the live broadcast of the New Year of Renyin Year: The red flag of the New Federal State of China debuted at the New Year’s Gala. MilesGuo wore a brand-new red Gfashion and held a red treasure book. CCP forcibly occupied the red, robbed us of our freedom, and cost us our future and our families. When MilesGuo tells us the secret of the treasure book in his hand in the future, Hcoin may have risen to 1000USD!
  2. According to the live broadcast of Renyin New Year: MilesGuo reported the good news that our scientist in-arms in Europe are developing a cocktail of artemisinin at a European military institute, which will completely eliminate the CCP vaccine virus. If this news once fully certified, will save the world. The New Federal State of China has ordered 100 million doses.
  3. British MPs from the foreign affairs parliamentary committee plan to visit Taiwan in February in open defiance of Communist China’s demand that other nations not engage with the country.
  4. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on January 31 that it has fully approved the use of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.
  5. On January 31, the Secretary for Home Affairs, Xu Yingwei, stated that in the context of the outbreak of epidemic , it was illegal to attend the birthday banquet of Hong Weimin, the representative of the HK People’s Congress on January 3. Therefore, he applied to the Chief Executive for his resignation.Comment:More than 200 people gathered to this party under the epidemic prevention order, and only one person pleaded guilty. Participating in this party were the Commissioner of Police, the Director of Immigration, and the Commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Which of them has a higher status than Xu Yingwei!
  6. published an article on January 31 saying that Argentine Ambassador to China Niu Wangdao said recently that Argentine President Fernandez will look at with reverence to Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and visit the CCP History Exhibition Hall during his visit to China to attend the Winter Olympics.
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