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It is safe to say that religion has basically been eradicated, I meant religion, not faith.  Then, the so-called democracy and the rule of law system gave birth to Communism and Capitalism, two inherently opposing sets of ideas.  One is run by the family (Communism), a family-controlled dictatorship, while the other one (Capitalism) is run by individuals by vote.  Each country has its own interests, so the communism vs capitalism clash subsequently led to the cold war, and the standoff between the East (Communist camp) and the West (Capitalist camp).

Thereafter, the political system of the post-dictatorship period emerged where the Communist Party wanted to have absolute rule.  For example, Russia is a post-dictatorship and not a pure democracy.  And all of Central Asia and Eastern Europe also belong to post-democratic and post-dictatorship governments.  In general, the rule of law in those places has been largely abused.  They only have the rule of law (in writing), yet the CCP doesn’t even have that.  The so-called NATO, Europe, the expansion of Europe to the east, and Asia…  Who is the boss in Asia? Japan is the spokesperson for the United States, then who is the spokesperson for China?   These are the concerns.  Religion was an excuse in the past, what could be the cause of the war now?

The world is now transiting into a new timeline.  Beyond the planet Earth, “Universe is infinite, Earth is a grain of sand”, and there is also the solar system, the planets, high-tech, and the Internet. This time it’s no longer a regional war, nor is it a war between maritime and continental civilizations.  For mankind, it is almost the ultimate battle between Capitalism and Communism, a battle for outer space in the future, as well as over Antarctica and the Arctic, and rare resources, especially the consumer market for all humanity. The United States cannot be clearer on this issue. I’ve told you that for the past 20 years, the United States has never stopped trying to remove these dictators.

Source: Miles Guo’s Grand Live Broadcast on 12th January 2022  

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