Translated by:  MOS Information Team – baoliaofen

According to a report by Japan Sports News, journalists who attended the event in Beijing for the Winter Olympics, said they saw some areas of the cafeteria at China’s Main Media Center (MMC), are managed by robots.  For example, when you order fried rice, the rice and ingredients are cooked by a machine and brought to the table from above your seat.  Wontons are also made by robots and served with the final soup.  You’ll also see a futuristic “bartender robot” that makes cocktails.

However, on January 30, the day before the opening of the exhibition, the robot that brought the food down from the top seemed to malfunction and waited for a surprising 40 minutes during the lunch period, and the reporter claimed that he was not only hungry and powerless, but the machine also seemed to be over-heated or broken.

The Chinese Communist Party wants to show the superiority of its system and the power of its economy through the Winter Olympics.  It also wants to sustain a thousand years of brainwashing the world.  But looking at how many countries in the world attending the opening ceremony, created from a blood-stained tyranny; one can see the CCP is running out of power and will collapse, just like the robot.

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