Written by: Ermat

The precipitation of the times always gives a song a different meaning. In the 2022 New Year’s Eve Live Broadcast, Mr. Guo Wengui sang three soft, lyrical and gentle old songs in his rough, bleak voice. The songs expressed his inner pain, ideals and beliefs. The snow of the northern part of the country became the snow of the destruction of the Communist Party in his songs.

If the Communist Party does not control the network and the people, music will pierce their hypocrisy, bureaucracy and deception. True music comes from the heart and will not die. Deng Lijun does not belong to any party. But she expresses the most basic of human requirements – democracy and human rights. That is the power of music. Good music is what you like in your heart, what is true, and what is good for others.

The song “Sweet Honey” has no political orientation, it is about life. But the Chinese Communist Party still blocked it. Deng Lijun’s songs will never go out of style. When people of that generation hear her songs, they seem to go back to the past. Only those who have found the soul of the song have been given joy, not necessarily the person who wrote the song or the person who sang it.

Music is never a clean field either. The music created under the times of Hitler and Stalin was too compulsive. Wagner wrote songs that incited anti-Semitism, stirred up hatred of Jews, and ultimately resulted in the killing of millions of Jews. Stalin lamented that Wagner alone topped a thousand armies and ten divisions of the Red Army. Hitler said that he alone did what a nation could not do.

Mr. Guo also told how a friend taught him some techniques to sing the song “Snow in the North”. After that, the song was played again in the video.

I love you, the snow in the north of the country, it’s all over the sky …… I love you, I love the snow for taking down the CCP, it’s so strong, it’s all over the mountain …… The song echoed in the ears for a long time.


2022年1月31日 文贵直播