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Overseas commentators tweeted, “Sounds creepy,” and the Chinese Communist Party-controlled Weibo was flooded with promoters. The two-polar comments refer to the Beijing Winter Olympics (BWO) English song “Join Us in Winter” released by the Party.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) released this new English song for the Beijing Winter Olympics, which sparked public outrage both at home and abroad. It was widely praised on China’s tightly controlled social media, but it was panned by international critics as “embarrassing” and out of touch with reality.

The song was released by Xinhua, the mouthpiece of the CCP, and foreign propaganda such as the Global Times also released a video of the song on Twitter. The Beijing Olympics are scheduled to be held from February 4th to February 20th.

Joseph Zeng, a 24-year-old Chinese actor and singer, and Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Binqi performed the song. CD Rev, a rap group that specializes in “patriotic material,” also took part in the song. The song encourages everyone to participate in the games and tells players that “we’re rooting for you whether you win or lose.”

With the Olympics approaching and the CCP strengthening its grip on the internet, Joseph Zeng’s admirers on Weibo, China’s version of Podcast, praised the song.

However, the CCP has banned all outside social media platforms, including Twitter, and the songs have been deemed “creepy” due to their impassioned tone, which does not conflict with Beijing’s strict ice-cold rules.

Beijing, for example, imposes a rigorous forced quarantine on most visitors to China and no longer sells any tickets, and the authorities establish a “bubble” for international sportsmen and media to isolate them from the locals and the real world.

On Twitter, Christina Scott, the deputy chief of the British embassy in Beijing, wrote: ‘Join Us in Winter,’ they say, but they won’t agree to resume commercial flights or a three-week quarantine when they arrive. Tickets are also not available for purchase by the general public. My own suggestion to UK fans is to stay on the sofa and watch the Olympics on TV.

(Comment: Not only are these restrictions contraversal to its own theme English song for people to join, but the CCP has already violated its own law by releasing the video on Twitter, which is legally banned by the CCP regime. One young man in his 30s was jailed for 3 weeks because he activated his Twitter account. Should the jail sentence apply to Global Time on its release of the BWO song? This simple example demonstrates the CCP’s hypocrisy: regulations and laws are for the benefit of the Party.)

Beijing has imposed the most severe limitations on Olympic athletes in history. Many foreign journalists feel the CCP is using the epidemic as a reason to restrict journalists’ access to information other than the propaganda materials that the CCP has officially given over to them.

To avoid the CCP monitoring their communications or collecting their data, some foreign journalists and athletes’ organizations advised bringing “disposable” mobile phones and computers to work in Beijing, which would be thrown away after the Olympics.

The “Winter Olympics” software that the CCP compels Olympic participants to download has been discovered to contain security flaws that might lead to network invasions, as well as censoring users for “sensitive terms.”

( Comment: The list of the CCP’s “sensitive terms” is vast, including Urghur, Hong Kong sovereignty, the June 4th Tiananmen Square massacre, Winnie the Pooh, Miles Guo’s name, where is Peng Shui… almost everything.)

In the face of diplomatic boycotts from the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and other countries, the CCP has engaged an army of Western Internet superstars to help launder the CCP’s image and prepare for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

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