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In Miles Guo’s live broadcast on January 30, 2022, Mr. Guo explains that Russia benefits from the war with Ukraine; Xi Jinping’s war with Taiwan is suicidal. Guo’s European friends think that the CCP is backing up Russia’s aggression. Moreover, a vaccine disaster will lead to the world declaring war on the CCP. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

Russia benefits from the Russia-Ukraine war. Xi Jinping’s war with Taiwan is suicidal.

Putin and Xi Jinping agreed that they would reap benefits from Ukraine and Taiwan, respectively. Russia will extend a gas pipeline into Europe, the equivalent of plugging a pipe to suck money and double Russia’s GDP. Putin asks the EU to give up its eastern expansion in writing to avoid a Russia-Ukraine war. If the CCP invades Taiwan, China’s $15 trillion GDP will shrink to $5 trillion due to international sanctions, further, the U.S. and Europe would join the war, and at least 500,000 Chinese people’s children will die. 

No one in the CCP’s army believes that the CCP will strike Taiwan; no one considers the war necessary. Russia benefits from the Russia-Ukraine war. Xi Jinping’s war with Taiwan is suicidal. No empire will last forever. Land and maritime wars are a thing of the past. The earth does not need wars and plunder. All wars are only beneficial to a few families.

European friends think that the CCP is backing up Russia’s aggression. If the world retaliates, the CCP will lose. 

According to a European friend’s analysis, Putin’s war on Ukraine will accelerate the showdown between Europe and the CCP. Essentially, Putin dares to strike because of the economic support from Xi Jinping. One trillion dollars from the CCP funds Russia’s military expansion. The digital yuan and the internationalization of the yuan also fuel Russia’s ambition for westward expansion. In a nuclear, submarine, or maritime war, Europe will definitely defeat the CCP. If the U.S. strikes, it will win in minutes.

A vaccine disaster will lead to the world declaring war on the CCP.

A sister, who attended Miles Guo’s broadcast, lost her 17-year-old child last night because of the Covid vaccine. Since last night, nine family members of the brothers in arms have passed away because of the vaccine disaster.

If the United States, Canada, and Japan finally admit that the vaccine is a total catastrophe, and even 5%, not to mention 50%, of the vaccinated get cancer or have a high chance of sudden death, European leaders cannot escape responsibility. Next, the global vaccine military operation, vaccine politics, and vaccine economy will abruptly happen. These European politicians will engage in war themselves to stay in power.

How should the Chinese respond to disasters?

The vaccinated who don’t take medication will have a 50% chance of cancer and sudden death. 2022 will be worse than expected. In Communist China, the rural and second-tier cities may be more suitable for survival. The most important thing for overseas brothers in arms is to be aware of the anti-China sentiment. People should change how they travel and deal with each other with extra caution. Spread the message that the CCP is not equal to the Chinese and the truth about the virus and vaccine to save compatriots and yourselves.

The Freedom Convoy Movement in Canada will eventually turn violent. Brothers in arms should not participate because the CCP will use the incident to smear us. 

Anyone participating in the Freedom Convoy Movement using the New Federal State of China logo without authorization from the Himalaya Alliance will be expelled from the Whistleblowers Movement. The CCP will make full use of this event to label the Whistleblowers Movement as a cult.

The Himalaya Coin is the biggest financial dark horse of 2021.

The Japanese say Himalaya Coin will change the financial system and it is the only currency in the world that will not be crushed by a bank run. This year the one billion coins are worth $50 billion, of which the brothers in arms own 70%. The total value of the Himalaya Coin has reached $5 trillion, equivalent to Japan’s annual GDP. The birth of digital finance is bound to happen.

The CCP prevented a European country from evacuating its embassy staff.

A European country wanted to pick up half of its embassy staff, and the CCP would not allow charter flights or diplomatic planes. The European country wanted to evacuate the families of embassy personnel first, but the CCP declined the request on the grounds of the Olympics.

New China Life’s liability is in China and assets in Switzerland.

Wang Qishan’s top soldiers are Dong Hong and Kang Dian. Dong Hong, whose IQ is above Wang Qishan’s, once said that the CCP is a rogue triad, which only stupid people believe and smart people take advantage of. Dong Hong’s one hand was in politics and the other hand in money. 

Wang Qishan, Dong Hong, and Kang Dian stole New China Life and moved $100 billion to Switzerland and later another $100 billion. New China Life’s liability is in China, and its assets are in Switzerland. How many Chinese have seriously thought about just how much money these people have stolen from China? Wang Qishan is the anti-corruption czar and is supposed to be the cleanest official, so why are all his cronies corrupt? Wang Qishan has been in charge of China’s financial system for years; how much money has been stolen? Where is this money now hidden?

Meng Jianzhu said Xi Jinping’s ability is at a prefecture and municipal cadre level at best; Sun Lijun is better than Xi. The CCP’s show of factional struggle hasn’t started, and the people will suffer.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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