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On January 30, Miles Guo’s GETTR reposted a video from a Fox News program. It talks about internal documents showing that information about the origin of CCP Virus in a Wuhan Lab was deliberately downplayed by so-called “scientists” such as Fauci.

According to inside information from the NIH, Fauci was told early in the CCP virus outbreak that the virus might have come from Wuhan Lab, which was indirectly funded by the Fauci-led Infectious Diseases Research Institute through the Ecological Alliance, and experts said that CCP Virus had been genetically modified.

Fauci held a conference call with a dozen virologists from around the world to suppress suspicions that Wuhan Lab had leaked the virus, arguing that public disclosure of Communist China’s involvement would harm science and international harmony. The researchers then authored preliminary findings that abandoned the idea that the virus might be a lab leak and published them online in February and in the journal Nature Medicine in March, saying that CCP virus was not a lab-made, or deliberately manipulated, virus.

But multiple other sources confirm that the Wuhan Lab is the source of the CCP virus, and that the CCP’s cover-up of the virus may be the largest official cover-up ever.

At a time when President Trump had said he wanted to investigate, NIH Director Collins emailed Fauci to discuss how to stop claims that the CCP VIrus originated at the Wuhan Lab. In a press conference, Fauci later publicly supported the theory that Virus was sourced from the seafood market. He said the virus has mutated to the point where it has jumped from an animal to a human.

The two experts who disagreed with the natural origin claim and later changed their tune, as well as Pete Dazak of the EcoHealth Alliance, were each awarded a prize. Dazak, who received $9 million and $7.5 million in grant funding from Fauci, respectively.


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