Translated by: MOS Media Team – Fay

On January 27, Xi Jinping went to Shanxi to inspect coal enterprises. On January 29, many media within the wall forwarded articles about Xi Jinping’s discussion of coal issues for seven consecutive years.

The article enumerates the speeches that Xi has made when he visits various coal-producing areas over the past seven years. He has repeatedly talked about the importance of China’s coal, as well as issues such as resource depletion and limits.

Some observers believe that Xi Jinping’s attention to the coal issue fully shows that the economic issue that worries him most now is the energy issue. If energy is tight, the economy cannot function.  At a time when the world is about to hold the CCP to be held accountable for the virus, if the country is locked down and energy cannot be imported, it will have to sit back and relax.  The CCP has come to the point where it is really between a rock and a hard place.


Posted by: Mr. Z

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