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  1. The Chinese economy started the year on an uncertain footing, as Covid-19 flare-ups disrupted factory activity and consumer spending, according to a trio of manufacturing and service sector surveys released Sunday.
  2. US senators are very close to reaching a deal on legislation to sanction Russia over its actions on Ukraine, including some measures that may take effect before any invasion, two leading senators have said.
  3. According to MilesGuo on January 30: If Russia invades Ukraine, it will accelerate the decisive battle between Europe and CCP, because the reason why Russia dares to invade Ukraine stems from CCP’s huge economic support for Russia.
  4. According to MilesGuo on January 30: The world’s vaccine military, vaccine politics and vaccine economy will suddenly arrive. At that time, French President Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Spanish Conservative Party, German PM Merkel, etc. will also wage war against the CCP in order to shirk their responsibilities and protect themselves.
  5. According to MilesGuo on January 30: Currently the global economy is collapsing, only Hcoin is rising. A foreign expert who once thought Hcoin was a scam said: Hcoin is the biggest unexpected winner in the world today. Japanese experts say HExchange will change the financial system of mankind.
  6. On January 30, the Hong Kong government announced that from the next day, passengers entering Hong Kong from Zhuhai via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge will be exempted from quarantine. Comment: Here Hong Kong people are being blocked on a large scale to achieve the so-called zero COVID policy. However, mainlanders coming to Hong Kong are exempted from inspection. Who can trust such a government?
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