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According to a report by NetEase on Jan 28, 2022: On the grounds of “national security” concerns, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) revoked China Unicom (Americas) Operations Ltd.’s authorization to provide domestic interstate and international telecommunication services in the US and required the company to stop any domestic or international services in the country within 60 days after the order was announced. The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Communist China urges the U.S. to stop the wrong practice of generalizing the concept of national security and politicizing economic issues, and stop abusing state power to unreasonably suppress CCP companies.

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Once the U.S. sanctions any CCP company, the CCP-controlled internal media would immediately report extensively about the matter, and all related writings are usually fill with intense emotions and indignation. Apparently, this obviously demonstrates the CCP’s brainwashing propaganda routine.

Firstly, the whitewashing articles do not usually involve the specific reasons and details of the US sanctions but only briefly touch upon the word of “sanction” itself.

There are four reasons for the U.S. sanctioning China Unicom: 1)  China Unicom (Americas) Operations Ltd., as a subsidiary of a state-owned enterprise, is ultimately used, influenced, and controlled by the CCP government; 2) as the national security environment related to the CCP changes, its parent entity and the CCP government has exploited various opportunities to engage in espionage and other harmful activities against the U.S.; 3) China Unicom Americas’ consistent practices in general, as well as statements issued to committees and Congress lack transparency, credibility, and reliability, which undermined the fundamental trust of the FCC and other U.S. government agencies in telecom operators; and 4) the FCC found that even further mitigation efforts would not address these significant national security and enforcement issues.

It took more than two years from the proposal to revoke the operating right in 2019 to the final voting decision. The FCC gave ample time for responses and appeals. It was completely a standard legal procedure all acts are in accordance with regulations. The media reports inside Communist China did not mention that at all in 2019, the FCC had rejected China Mobile’s bid for US telecommunications services, citing the same national security risk.

Second, once the media reports set the tone for sanctions, it begins to rake up something unpleasant in the pasts, confuse different concepts, and smear the U.S.. Rhetoric used on defaming the U.S. such as abuse of sanctions, deliberate suppression of “Chinese companies”, politicizing economic issues, etc., would be flooded out to the screens all across Communist China. However, the media will never explain why only Chinese companies are sanctioned, when there are so many telecommunications operators in the U.S. The sanctions list is full of rogue countries such as Communist China, Iran, and Afghanistan and does not involve companies in other Western countries with rule of law and democracy. The U.S. is a country with a sound rule of law, and there is time for appeals and rebuttals to unreasonable sanctions. The CCP news report would ignored all these points and used all kinds of clichés to discredit the U.S.

Finally, the response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the analysis of the so-called “experts” often emphasize the view that the U.S. is unreasonably suppressing powerful countries which can rival it, in order to further fool the public. The CCP always adopts the “War Wolf” diplomatic pose and rhetoric, which does not comply with the international diplomatic rules at all, to deliberately enlarge and then propagate the U.S.’s wrongdoing in its diplomacy. In addition, why did the CCP tend to choose professors from academies of foreign affairs instead of law school professors to analyze and comment on cases regarding sanction ? The answer is obvious.

“Weak logic with effective brainwashing routine to capture people’s heart” is a unique gimmick of the CCP’s news. This kind of brainwashing propaganda has brought disastrous effects to the Chinese society for the last 70 years. Only by exposing these tricks and lies will more people wake up.

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