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According to Radio Taiwan International on January 14th, the first informal meeting after France taking over the rotating presidency of the EU council was held in Bucharest on January 13th and 14th . It focused primarily on the CCP’s and Russian threats and consulted the EU’s first defensive white paper and strategic compass, used as unified diplomatic and defensive policies.

Relevant information indicated that the EU council would vote on strategic compass this March, which was regarded as a guideline on the EU’s defensive issue and would have a significant impact on European Commission and France if passed.

The report also mentioned that France had been calling for strengthening the EU’s sovereignty and its foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian accused the CCP of pressuring Lithuania by unilateral economic and trade measures at the hearing of the foreign affairs committee of the national assembly on the 11th of this month. In this regard, Le Drian emphasized that the EU would re-examine the relations with the CCP in the European Parliament.

According to the inside information of Les Echos, France intended to expedite the EU’s anti-coercion instrument proposed in December 2021 through this meeting, which served as an EU defensive measure against the diplomatic and economic coercions from other countries like the CCP.

Article: EU’s First Defensive White Paper was Targeted at the CCP’s Threat

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