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On January 14th, Mr. Miles Guo pointed out in his live broadcast that CCP Foreign Minister Wang Yi, during a meeting with the foreign ministers of six Middle Eastern countries, had proposed a series of rules to limit the New Federal State of China. These include conditions such as never supporting the New Federal State of China, not supporting the Himalaya Exchange and Himalaya Coin, and blocking GTV and GNEWS. Wang Yi’s ridiculous remarks have made these countries consider how fearful the CCP is of the New Federal State of China.

In addition, Miles Guo mentioned that the TangPing coin may come out at any time, but he does not want his brothers-in-arms to have any risk associated with the TangPing coin. The most important feature of the TangPing coin is that the brothers-in-arms can get the coin without taking any risks. Therefore, the launch timing of the TangPing coin is very important.

Miles Guo explained that when preparing the TangPing coin for his brothers-in-arms, the most important thing he considered was their safety, to enable them to safely escape China, and also travel to more countries actually owning the coin. For this reason, Miles Guo also repeatedly advised that no one should risk their lives to buy coins, especially domestic Chinese brothers-in-arms.

Miles Guo also stressed that the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China are not cults. There is much less mind control, money control or security control of participants, but on the contrary, precisely formed to allow brothers-in-arms to gain wealth in absolute freedom and security.  This is truly righteous and for the people’s gain.

Article: New Federal State of China Gives Brothers-in-Arms Safe Access to Wealth

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