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On January 24, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)  said that under the CCP virus pandemic, more than 616 million children around the world are still unable to resume regular schooling. The impact of missing education while children are growing up is almost irreparable.

In low and middle-income countries, many children have lost learning opportunities due to school closures. According to a survey, as many as 70% of children over the age of 10 are unable to read or understand a simple text, up from 53% before the pandemic. In addition to depriving millions of children of the opportunity to learn basic skills, schooling disruptions have affected their mental health.

Additionally, due to school closures, more than 370 million children worldwide lost access to school-provided meals, leaving some children without their only reliable source of food and daily nutrition.

Above all, some countries are administering harmful CCP virus vaccines to children. If education is delayed, it is still possible to catch up in the future. However, if children lose their health because of CCP virus vaccinations, it may be impossible to recover. It is irresponsible and imprudent to inject children with CCP virus vaccines, which will affect their health for a lifetime.

Article: CCP Virus Pandemic Causing Irreparable Losses to Children’s Education and Health

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