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In Miles’ Grand Live broadcast on January 14th, he noted that “the more a country implements intense vaccine mandate policies, the faster its deaths will follow afterwards, and this could result in the halt of the vaccine mandate and  faster downfall of its regime. If this occurred in a democratic state, the president would be replaced, and vaccine mandates ended.”

Aiming at the currently rampant wave of the Omicron variant, Miles Guo cautioned everyone: first, the mask is a life-saver, and second, there is no so-called Omicron vaccine at all. The truth is, the vast majority of infected people with this variant have received two to three doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. Miles urges his friends to wear masks outside because vaccinated people are the primary source of contagion.

Miles Guo stressed that the Covid-19 vaccine itself is the virus as it opens the human body’s mRNA switch to allow the spike protein in the Covid-19 vaccine injected into human bodies to do the function of the virus. In contrast, the unvaccinated members of the Whistleblower Movement and all other unvaccinated have become the vulnerable population, meaning the vaccinated waiter poses the greatest danger to unvaccinated diners at a restaurant.

The Covid-19 vaccine is shaping the virus released by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as emerging virus variants are generated from the vaccine which has changed in different human bodies and under different circumstances. More importantly, since the New Federal State of China has obtained pivotal evidence concerning the Covid-19 virus which was provided by scientists who fled to Europe, and passed related documents to the West, including the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Congress, the Whistleblower Movement has publicly announced that the Covid-19 virus is a biochemical weapon of the CCP, for which there are no vaccines available. Given these facts, there is no need to discuss any other related vaccine issues.

Once again, Miles Guo seriously cautioned his followers that: first, they must not receive the vaccine; second, they must wear masks; third, they must limit their exposure to the outside as much as possible; and fourth, they must comprehend that the New Federal State of China is still a very small force compared to that of a real state power.

Article: Miles Guo Talks About the Omicron Virus

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