By: MOS Fitness Team — Ashley

Foreign media reported on January 24th that more than 50,000 people from France, Germany and other European countries gathered last Sunday in Belgium, the capital of the European Union, to hold large-scale demonstrations to protest recent increasingly tougher vaccine coercive measures. Belgian government dispatched multiple troops of riot police, they fired water cannons and tear gas to disperse peaceful protesters, that caused clashes between the police and the protesters. The scene was once quite chaotic.

In response to the incident, the Belgian prime minister posted on social platforms, saying, “Everyone has the right to express their opinions, but we will never accept indiscriminate violence by the protestors.”

This is the fifth anti-vaccine tyranny demonstration in Brussels in the past two months, and it is also the largest to date.

With the spread of the Omicron strain, many European governments have recently tightened anti-epidemic measures. In order to push people to quickly take the CCP-virus booster shots, some governments have successively introduced stricter compulsory measures and vaccine pass policies, causing strong discontent among the people. In addition to Belgium, similar protests broke out in other European countries, including Paris, Athens, Stockholm, and London.  

Article: The largest Demonstration in Brussels to Protest COVID Vaccinations and Restrictions

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