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On January 23rd, former Secretary of State Pompeo gave an interview to the media and once again called on the United States to build deterrence.  In the program, the host worried that the recent military exercises held by Russia, China and Iran, the CCP’s intrusion of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone, and the Russian military deployment on the border of Ukraine will cause countries to distrust U.S. foreign policy.

 In this regard, Pompeo said that the U.S. boosting its international deterrence is the only way to solve the current situation. He pointed out that countries are closely watching the behavior of the U.S. government, and the current administration needs to “respond” like the Trump administration to build U.S. deterrence. At the same time, he emphasized that the way to “respond” is not necessarily to send troops to trigger a war. Measures such as the Trump administration’s beheading of Soleimani and the provision of weapons assistance can be used to safeguard the sovereignty of other countries, including the current Ukraine. The most important thing is whether the current government has the ability and determination to use the various tools at its disposal.

Finally, Pompeo also made a special distinction in his reply between the CCP leader Xi Jinping and the Chinese people and the people of Taiwan, saying that both sides are paying attention to how the United States plays a leading role. And only when the United States has established a deterrent force can it ensure the prosperity and stability of the United States and the world, and fundamentally reduce the appearance of external challenges.

Article: Secretary of State Pompeo Calls for Building Deterrence to Reduce External Threats

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