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On the evening of January 23rd, the Taiwan Air Force released the news on the CCP aircrafts. On that day, 39 CCP fighter jets invaded the Southwest Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone.

On the same day, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force announced that it had conducted joint training with U.S. Naval aircraft carriers and other ships in southern Okinawa. The training was held from the 17th to the 22nd. A total of 10 ships, including the large Japanese frigate Hyuga, the US aircraft carriers Carl Vinson, the USS Lincoln, as well as amphibious assault ships and destroyers, have participated in the exercise.

According to the analysis, the U.S.-Japan military exercise is to carry out military deterrence against the previous threat of the CCP to Taiwan; and the force of the CCP to disturb the Taiwan aircraft fleet this time is not the strongest, and the threat is not the greatest. It should be an attitude of not showing weakness in response to the joint military exercise between the United States and Japan.

Article: U.S. and Japan Strengthen Their Training, CCP Military Planes Harass Taiwan, Taiwan Strait Draws Attention Again

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