By: MOS Fitness Team — Sunny

On January 25, Miles Guo, on behalf of the New Federal State of China, officially announced in the live broadcast that the U.S. government had officially informed the Beijing government that it authorized to withdraw the U.S. embassy in Beijing, effective immediately.

Mr. Guo very much supports and welcomes this significant political decision made by President Biden and Mr. Blinken, and on behalf of the people of New Federal State of China around the world, to express his heartfelt thanks to President Biden and Mr. Blinken.

This decision is of great help to uncover the truth about the CCP virus, stop the vaccine disaster, stop the massacre in Xinjiang, and stop various humanitarian disasters that continue to happen in the world. This is a great victory for the New Federal State of China and global justice people to safeguard the rule of law and human rights. History will prove that this decision will surpass any U.S. president’s upholding of justice. The third door to the eradication of the CCP was officially opened.

Article: The U.S. Withdraw the Embassy in Beijing. The Third Gate to Destroy the CCP Opens

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