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On January 28, Miles Guo posted an interview with Steve.K.Bannon by Himalaya UK Farm.

Bannon said ” the letter that was sent to Secretary of State Blinken and to Joe Biden from the New Federal State of China(NFSC), talking about these events that have occurred. Very interesting that  the NFSC knew about this basically the same time it was happening. Obviously the NFSC is an alternative governing entity for the Chinese people. It’s just a huge monumental step for the NFSC.”

In its letter, the NFSC expressed its support for the U.S. government’s move and moreover its hope that the U.S. would actually begin to completely sever diplomatic relations with the CCP regime, which would be the first step in declaring the CCP a transnational criminal organization.

Also, the announcement by Miles after the NFSC sent its letter suggests that the NFSC has achieved certain recognition from the White House.

In addition, Bannon thinks that the NFSC, the Whistleblower Movement, Gnews and GTV, should continue to expose the absurdity of the hosting of this Winter Olympics by the CCP, and carry on with more and better jobs, just like the WarRoom trying to do with the American people, and he would like to see more whistleblowers come forward to contact the West and break the news about what is going on in Beijing and especially around the Olympic Village.

Bannon emphasized that he liked this letter from the NFSC to the White House, which specifically states that the CCP is illegitimate and does not represent the Chinese people, but is a transnational criminal organization.

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