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On January 28, British Labor MP Bryant told the media that the Foreign Affairs Committee is expected to visit Taiwan after 2 weeks.

It is reported that Britain has recently increased its attention to Taiwan. Officials such as Foreign Secretary Truss, Defense Secretary Wallace, and Secret Intelligence Service Director Moore have all called on major countries in public to pay attention to the importance of security, peace, and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

British Prime Minister Johnson also recently said in response to a question from a member of parliament that the intrusion of CCP‘s military aircraft into Taiwan would not have any contribution to the stability of regional peace.

It is learned that more and more cross-party MPs are concerned about the development of relations between Taiwan and the U.K. Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tugenhardt said in a hearing on Taiwan-U.K. relations late last year that he looked forward to visiting Taiwan soon. The visit would highlight the importance this committee and Congress attach to the U.K.-Taiwan relationship.

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