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During the live broadcast on Jan 27th, Miles Guo explained the paramount significance of the authorized withdrawal of the American Embassy in Beijing. He pointed out that the ‘Sweet as Honey’ movement would create a butterfly effect in different aspects, such as the withdrawal of embassy and diplomats, religious boycott, financial sanctions and the overseas asset seizure of Chinese Communist Party’s senior officials. 

Miles analyzed the U.S. government’s authorized departure of its embassy in Beijing, saying the U.S. neither severed nor maintained the diplomatic relations with Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Meanwhile, although the U.S. provided a mild reason they took on a tough stance. As far as the U.S. was concerned, taking down the totalitarian CCP regime was not a decision of any political party, but a decision to defend American national security. Moreover, it has long been the U.S. national strategy over the last two decades. For now, the U.S. took the lead in the withdrawal of the embassy, the international community would subsequently launch a converging attack on CCP.

Miles added that up to now, the ‘Sweet as Honey’ movement had triggered over 50 countries’ plans to withdraw their embassies in Beijing, even including CCP’s so-called closer ally Pakistan. Another more exciting message was since Jan 26th, over 100 international financial institutions and over 30 international nongovernmental organizations had begun to study how to sanction CCP’s senior officials and seize their overseas assets in cooperation with U.S.; where highly respectful officials of the International Monetary Fund said they would use all financial means available to sanction the CCP government.

Finally, Miles emphasized that severance of diplomatic ties meant severing tendons of the CCP government, while seizures of illicit assets meant draining its blood. In this regard, CCP’s demise was just around the corner, now that it is without American recognition and economic support.


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