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On January 27th, according to multiple media sources, protests initiated by Canadian truckers against the local CCP virus vaccination policy are continuing to heat up. 

Canada has gone from the sunny country that Trudeau promised to a dark, authoritarian place, a trucker in the “Freedom Convoy” said in an interview that day. At the same time, the vaccine passport currently being promoted by the government contains a lot of personal information, which will make it easier for the authorities to track and monitor the private data of each citizen. To this end, the protest this time is not only to free Canadians from the government’s mandatory CCP virus vaccine order and vaccine passport policy, but also to prevent Canada from becoming a third world country full of bureaucracy, tyranny and corruption.

At the same time, Musk and Trump Jr. also strongly praised the protesting Canadians on related news programs. As for the mandatory vaccination orders for the CCP virus implemented by various countries, Musk believes that this is a serious erosion of civil liberties. Although Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau denigrated the “Freedom Convoy” at a press conference on the 26th, even threatening that they are only a minority of marginalized people and do not represent Canadians; but according to the video shot at the protest scene, more and more Canadians people took part in the protest, and they spontaneously provided food and supplies to the truckers.

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