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Ha-ha, oh my god, my brother Hao Haidong (Chinese soccer star)! Brother Haidong and sister Ye Zhaoying (ex-badminton world champion), you guys are killing Brother-7. I am laughing like crazy listening to your talk on the show with Brother David (head of Himalaya London Club UK) and Brother Cao Gen (head of Himalaya Osaka).

How can you live a life like this, Sister Zhaoying? Wouldn’t you die laughing every day, right? So happy!

The CCP has been harassing the US numerous times since yesterday — Begging the US, 

“Please, everything is negotiable.” 

“We should continue to work together to solve global issues. We should restore the personal relationship between the two nations’ leaders, which is considered extremely important.”

And, “implementing the decisions made by President Biden and President Xi Jinping during their video conference call is to take responsibility for the world.”

Alas! According to the Americans, the CCP is a bunch of hooligans — when you give it a chance to raise its head, it curses you; when you force it to lower its head, it kneels to you. The CCP is that kind of thing!

Brother Hao Haidong is absolutely right; what he said about the Sino-Vietnamese War is 100 percent accurate.

I will say no more. Right now, we are preparing for the Chinese Spring Festival Gala that will be held on the day after tomorrow. I will chat with you again when I have spare time. 

Thank you, everybody.

I really could not stop laughing because of them (GTV News Talk).