US embassy’s withdrawal from Beijing means the end of CCP’s legitimacy in international level. Chinese military force will benefit most from this even. Thanks to all fellow fighters’ contributions to influence the West.

【Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights 】January 25, 2022 The Legitimacy of CCP Has Gone


I am telling to you now, some friends of ours, I talked to them before I started this live stream. He (one) said, if the Americans are going to leave the embassy in China, this equals to the security of a building having left.

Don’t believe China is an independent country. Without the US embassy there, you practically have no security, no legitimacy. Then, anybody can come to rip you off.

Just now in CCP China, within the last dozen hours, anybody can attack them. If Chinese people come up and screw them (CCP) up, Chinese people are legitimate! And, from now on, CCP has no legitimacy to go against anyone.

US recognize your illegitimacy in the international world (level). (This event is) just like my security company and police patrols around your house all pulled out, just like that. This is such a huge event that nothing is comparable.

On the other hand, if anybody comes up and attack it (CCP), he or she will be treated as hero.

This is such a big event. CCP is screwed, totally screwed.

Now, the (Chinese) army is the one benefiting the most from it (this event). With this action of the US, Chinese military force can avoid the (coming) disaster, including the war on Taiwan, a lot of people will benefit from it (this event).

They all get it! Americans left—just like the police pulled out of your house. You (CCP) are screwed!

This decision of not assigning ambassadors in a long-term base–they made it clear: if (in the conditions of) the virus origin is not fully uncovered and there will be no more viruses released. Do you see what that means? They (CCP) will not dare to release any more viruses. If you do so, it means war at full scale.

No more warnings! The Chinese military forces will benefit the most from it! The Chinese military forces can avoid huge losses from it (the event), no more unnecessary losses. They will eliminate Xi from within! All the guys of Zhong Nan Hai, all will be addressed—taking out 10-20 guys to avoid the war.

Once US pulls out, anyone has money, power and brain in China knows it is over! CCP is done!

On this event of taking down CCP, too many people made their contributions, too many!

Fellow fighters in front of the cameras, I cannot imagine how excited I would be if I keep sitting here and broadcasting to you, I could not be able to contain myself! Too many people risked themselves, did too many things to influence the world! Influencing US alone is not enough, US has been talking with their friends based on information from everywhere, information from themselves, and information they already have at hands. (Then), he (the US) was able to make such decision. This is such a big event, this changed humanity.

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