Translated by: MOS Finance Team – Xia

On January 27th, Miles Guo posted a video on Gettr to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Whistleblower Movement and recalled the difficulties at the beginning. Miles mentioned that at the beginning of the 2017 Whistleblower Movement, his family was still being held by the CCP. At that time, CCP officials could not understand Miles’s persistence in carrying out the Whistleblower Movement despite such a situation. In response, Miles explained that when one is faced with a dictatorship that persecutes most of the population, all one can do is to rise up and fight back to take it down. Because no one can pull any flukes; it is a universal truth that if anyone takes a chance on the CCP, he will end up being controlled and fooled by the CCP.

Miles also added that if he had not started Whistleblower Movement 5 years ago over his family’s safety and so-called interests, perhaps the incredible things with Pangu and Yuda hotels would not have happened later; but Miles and his family were afraid that the CCP would make many people disappear and no one can truly see the future. On the other hand, Miles had prepared for 30 years for the sake of taking down the CCP. Therefore, if he had chosen to give up then his 8th brother who was killed by the CCP, more than 60 colleagues who gave their lives for the pursuit of democracy and freedom in Qingfeng Detention Center, and his decades-long dream of taking down the CCP would have tormented him day and night.

Finally, Miles stressed that in the face of the CCP, the devil’s dictatorship, we have no choice but to take down it. And insisting that the Whistleblower Movement and taking down the CCP to this day is the most wonderful and rewarding moment of his life. 

Proofread/Edited by: Saturn

Posted by: Wenfei


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