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In an internal staff announcement on 12 January 2022 from Canon Zhuhai Corporation Limited, Cannon will officially halt all camera productions in mainland China.

The announcement wrote: “As a result of the rapid shrinking of the camera industry and the continual threat from the coronavirus, the company is facing operational difficulties. Despite joint efforts by all staff, the situation still could not be turned around. Regrettably, Headquarters were forced to adjust the company’s operating structure.”

According to Canon China’s website, Canon has 15 plants in China. Their main business operations include printers, mechanical equipment, software development, semiconductor devices, medical technologies, etc. However, Canon Zhuhai is the only plant in mainland China that produces digital cameras, sensors, and camera lenses. The closure of the aforementioned plant will hence imply the shift of camera productions out of mainland China.

When Canon Zhuhai was established, back in 1990, conditions for domestic joint ventures were unparalleled. Unfortunately, the business has been going downhill over the past few years. In videos on social media posted by employees in 2019, it was expressed that Canon plants are no longer prosperous.

In October 2021, Canon released its third-quarter financial report. The consolidated net profit (based on US Accounting Standards) from January to September was 154.9 billion yen (about 8.6744 billion yuan), an increase of 5.2 times that of the same period last year, of which, the cameras and other imaging division have a profit of 56.7 billion yen (compared to a loss of 18.1 billion yen in the same period last year).  These financial reports indicated that the sales of high-end cameras still maintained good momentum.

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