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In 2021, 635,253 cases of CCP Virus (COVID) infections and 5,625 deaths were reported in South Korea, while the corresponding numbers in 2020 were 60,740 and 900 respectively.

In addition, the data released by the Disease Control and Prevention Agency of South Korea indicated that by the end of 2021, the vaccine had caused 1340 deaths, but the newest data was unavailable for the reason that this data does not get updated starting 2022.

Meanwhile, more than 83% of South Koreans have received two doses of vaccine and its population in 2021 decreased by 190,214 compared with the previous year undoubtedly due to the surge in deaths and the sharp decline in births.

The statistics of the third booster showed that the majority of citizens had been kept in the dark, the ruling party who advocates the vaccination most likely is trying to maintain the current policy. The forthcoming presidential election in March 2022 has complicated an already complex situation and the overall situation is not optimistic.

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