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  1. After a brief meeting between Vice President Kamala Harris and her Taiwanese counterpart in Honduras, China’s foreign ministry said ithas consistently opposed any form of official interaction between the United States and Taiwan.
  2. Video reveals moment $100m US F-35 stealth fighter CRASHED into aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and photo shows jet in South China Sea after pilot ejected. And now US in race with China to recover it from seabed.
  3. According to MilesGuo: he talks about the biggest feeling in the past five years of the Whistleblower Revolution: the vast majority of Chinese people do not believe in things that are true, good, and beautiful; the biggest pain is that Chinese people’s ideas are hard to change. It is not difficult to destroy the CCP, but it is very difficult to change the values of Chinese people!
  4. According to MilesGuo: he will sing a song he has never sung in the live broadcast of the Spring Festival on the 31st, and he will use singing to end the CCP’s Winter Olympics opening ceremony.
  5. According to the CCP Embassy in the United States on the 28th, Qin Gang said in an interview with National Public Radio (NPR) that the Taiwan issue is the biggest powder keg between China and the United States. If the Taiwan authorities continue to promote Taiwan independence with the support of the United States, it is probably to the two major powers, China and the US, will involve in a military conflict.
  6. Liu Yulong, chairman of the Hong Kong Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases, said on January 29 that if the community reaches more than 100 virus transmission chains, 10,000 elderly people may die. Comment: A strange organization in the name of science publishes lies that have no scientific basis, and the most damned are these CCP lackey experts.
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