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In a live broadcast on GTV on January 21, Mr. Miles Guo reveals that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will commit inhuman acts by providing endangered fish from the Brahmaputra River in Tibet, abalone in the Dalian sea water reserve, monkeys’ brains and other abnormal ingredients, to lure foreign officials to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Many important figures who planned to participate in the Winter Olympics have canceled their trips after watching the video provided by Mr. Guo. They will announce their decisions before February 1.

Mr. Guo also mentions, in the next three to ten years and after the CCP is destroyed, the New Federal State of China (NFSC) will hang the list of all participants in the Beijing Winter Olympics on the wall and on the media platform by the NFSC forever. 

Mr. Guo emphasizes that anyone who will participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics wants to eat the perverted food provided by the CCP. They work against Chinese people and collaborate with the CCP that Chinese people oppose. Mr. Guo can demonstrate 100 reasons that no one should attend the Beijing Winter Olympics because the CCP’s atrocities is much worse than what Adolf Hitler and Joseph Starlin had done in their times.

Article: New Federal State of China Stops the West from Going to the Winter Olympics

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