Translated by: MOS Finesse Team – Gloria

On the Miles Grand Live broadcast on January 24, Mr. Miles Guo broke the news that in response to the CCP’s Beijing Winter Olympics, the Whistleblower Movement will launch a campaign code-named as “Sweet as Honey” – part of the plan is to make this popular song resounding through the Beijing’s Second Ring Road all the time during the Olympics days. This will definitely become a much-feared nightmare for the CCP.

Comparing to the Jasmine Movement of Cyprus, Mr. Guo elaborated that the “Sweet as Honey” movement will be throwing some punches just when the so-called elites of the world will be gathering and singing praises to the Communist Party in Beijing. People from all walks of life, including teachers, lawyers, military staff, musicians, and doctors, all will be able to participate. What the CCP fears the most is losing control, and this beautiful song will become the CCP’s “soul-chasing-and-ending” song.

Mr. Guo explained that the reasons why he picked this classic song is that this song is so popular and has been well liked by many generations, and it can serve as paying tribute to the great qualities that Chinese women possess – smart, brave, soft/gentle, and kind-hearted. 

The Whistleblower Movement will completely turn around the tragic fate of the Chinese people.  Yang Gailan, a hardworking lady in poverty who was forced to end the lives of her family out of despair, her tragedy must not be repeated, ever.

The “Sweet as Honey” movement will lend a venue to all the people of the NFSC (New Federal State of China) to enjoy the process, while taking down the CCP. We shall be able to live with a happy mood and with health, avoid suffering from bloodshed, while destroying the CCP without it even knowing our whereabouts, making it totally lose control.

The “Sweet as Honey” campaign is a key step in opening the third gate of exterminating of the CCP, and it will go down in human history as a marvelous landmark.

Miles Grant Live cast on January 24, 2022

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