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On Jan 19th, the Japanese National Diet (Japan’s National Legislature) conducted the last round of hearings and debates on the epidemic prevention policy. Daishiro Yamagiwa, minister for economic revitalization, released Japanese official data, showing that 145 of 191 Omicron confirmed cases in the clinical research had received two injections of the vaccine, which takes up 75.9% of the sum total.

Affected by these data, the Japanese government announced the suspension of the “vaccine/test package system” on the same day. The “vaccine/test package system” was enacted last November, whose purpose was to achieve both infection control and recovery of daily life. It alleviated the behavioral restrictions on who took the vaccine or tested negative in the nucleic acid assays. The suspension of this system means that Japan will implement a unified policy for all its citizens whether they are vaccinated or not.

Analysts pointed out that the clinical data released by the Japanese government once again proved the ineffectiveness of the current so-called vaccine against the coronavirus. Fortunately, the Japanese government made a timely and appropriate adjustment based on these data.

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